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August 28, 2013 | Posted in Travel | By

Please allow me to establish that I am not a cyclist and do not ever ride a bike. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy our “cycling” vacations and am willing to make the “sacrifice” for our trips.  I am often asked, “Whatever do you do in [some exotic corner of the world] while Steve and the cycling clients are riding their bikes?” Well, first I have to bite my lip to keep from giving a sarcastic answer. We really do travel to some of the most gorgeous destinations in the world. “Non-cycling” activities available in and around our host hotels to fill the time while Steve is gone are almost unlimited.

Typically, after a lovely breakfast, we go our separate ways. I will usually walk. That walk can be along the promenade on the beach of the Adriatic Sea in Riccione, Italy, or a  beautiful harbor in Palma de Majorca, Spain, or one of the magnificent, pink, sand beaches of Bermuda, or maybe along a pine-scented mountain stream in the ski mountains of Patagonia, Argentina. This could be followed by a massage, yoga class or just relaxing with a good book by the pool or on the beach.  We also provide non-cycling excursions to some of the very sights and areas the cyclists on our trips explore. Although, we have a bit more time for shopping (I love to shop) and sightseeing.

At any rate, if I need Steve to complete my day, he’ll usually be back and ready to go by about 2:00pm.  The rest of the day is spent enjoying a nice lunch, maybe some more shopping (Steve hates shopping), exploring/ sightseeing or just relaxing. Dinner is always a special time of the day on our trips. We love to eat and feel food is one of the best ways to experience a different culture. It also gives all guests an opportunity to share stories of their day.   So, if you are a non- cycling partner and are looking for a fabulous vacation, trust me, Steve Lehman Tours is not only about the bike.

I look forward to sharing the next exotic location with you!

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